Unsplash is one of my favourite resources for stock photography and the fact its free actually comes second to the fact the photography available is truly outstanding. You will find Unsplash photography on a lot of my projects from CloudCanvas to WP Helper. I also make use of Unsplash for other things such as keeping my desktops fresh with some inspirational wallpapers.

Since 2013 I started using 4k (retina) MacBook Pro 15″, last year it got destroyed by a glass of water and decided to get an iMac while waiting for the insurance to send a replacement MacBook. I went for a 27″ 5K iMac, it’s a hell of a machine but has a habit of making even the best photography look blurred. So I’ve picked out 5 5K wallpapers that look as sharp as a needle on your high resolution displays as I know finding high res wallpapers can be a nightmare.

Preview the images below and click the download button here to get  the zip file containing the orginal 5k versions of these images.