Barafundle Bay is a National Trust beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, you could say it is possibly one of Britain’s best beaches. Getting to Barafundle Bay requires a half mile walk from the National Trust carpark, this in fact makes the beach even more magical as you walk through a small woods and emerge with a view along the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. As you walk along you will find it hard to believe the view will actually get better the closer you get to the Bay, but indeed it does. You reach the top of the cliff overlooking Barafundle Bay and approach an archway with a path leading to the pristine sands below.

I first visited Barafundle Bay in 2014 during summer, I brought my dog Archie who found great joy in being free to go anywhere on the beach and got to meet plenty of other happy dogs. Shortly after the trip in 2014 Archie sadly passed away, I’ve always wanted to go back and see Barafundle Bay as it is the last place we visited.

This year I visited in Autumn, we managed to catch a great weekend for weather and made a trip to Barafundle Bay on a Saturday afternoon. Not sure what time of year the National Trust charge for parking but I never had to pay the second time I visited.

If you are thinking of visiting Barafundle Bay check out the Visit Pembrokeshire website for more details.