With a sudden feeling that summer is quickly passing by I decided to take a trip down to the Brecon Beacons Waterfall Country yesterday. It was a stunning day and with a load of rainfall last week I was hoping to get some good shots of the waterfalls. I picked up my Grandad who is 85 but still loves a good hike and we set off to South Wales.

Everyone seemed to be out in the Beacons, we passed Storey Arms Outdoor Education Centre there must have been over 100 cars parked all over the place. I guess Pen y Fan was busy on Saturday! As we go got close to the forest Fawr massif it was obvious the waterfalls would also be pretty busy.

The Waterfall Country has got to be one of the best places in the Brecon Beacons to go for the day. It’s pretty easy to access and just about anyone can make their way through the forest paths. You can take a pick at countless things to do from Caving to Kayaking or you can play it safe and just walk around the falls. I didn’t think my Grandad at 85 would be doing much caving.

We walked through the forest to the Sgwd Gwladus waterfall. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the weather and the falls. We stopped above the waterfall for some lunch then went to watch some people jump into the pool, which looked pretty awesome.